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I can still remember the wonderful feeling of experiencing magic for the very first time. Amazement registered first, quickly followed by intrigue and then a strong desire to learn the methods behind it. Years of practice, patience and performance followed…

I love the challenge of working on new material and find inspiration in many areas.

I grew up in the busy surroundings of our family run restaurant. This thriving business provided me with a growing confidence in relating to the public, a strong social skill set and I believe this early exposure to such a diversity of people has really shaped the way I interact with guests at events.

Consequently, I am always looking for new ways to involve spectators. Even the most skeptical of guests can be won over with my engaging style of performance.

I aim to amaze, amuse and above all entertain your guests.

I look forward to performing at your next event.

Darren Campbell

“I would recommend Darren again and again. He is personable, polite and brilliant at what he does.”