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Darren has a background in theatre and circus and can use his skills and knowledge in these areas to create bespoke Training Days and Team Building events.

Case study:

Lloyds TSB – Risk assessment away day.

100 candidates

I developed a presentation themed around risk and used the companies key values within my presentation. The 20 minute presentation was entertaining and motivational and changed the participants emotional state so they would then be more receptive to the task later on in the session.

The task itself was 45 minutes long and involved building a structure from scratch I provided al the materials and took everything away at the end of the session.

Groups reconvened in the main lecture space and discussed the task and each group presented a short presentation on another groups structure.

I finished the day with a 5 minute presentation integrating the companies new slogan for the new risk assessment team.

Below is a testimonial from the client.

Just a quick note to say thank you for the contribution you made to the “Products Risk January 2012 Away Day”. As most of the day consisted of presentations and “Q&A” type sessions, it was really good to have the session you ran to break up the day and change the pace.

There were nearly 100 people at the event many of whom only knew a small number of other people. So it was good to have your team based task to enable everyone to meet and work with some new colleagues. After the initial briefing the teams were quickly up and running and working well together. It was good to see the teams really rise to the challenge you set and, the competitive spirit which resulted in some extremely large “contraptions” being built. The feedback session was also good – and it was fun to see other teams testing the “opposition’s” contraptions to destruction.

As a business which is separated over many sites and a team which is new and forming, our away day was the first opportunity we had had to get everyone together. The day itself was a resounding success and I appreciate the part you played in that.

Kind regards, Jenni

Jennifer Stott
Head of Change

Every event of this nature is unique so please contact Darren today to discuss how he can make a difference at your event.

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