Please view this video where I cover some frequently asked questions, alternatively please browse through the questions and answers below. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me using the Enquiry Form.


What kind of magic do you perform?

Mostly close up magic, which involves being in close proximity to small groups. I do tricks involving cards, coins and borrowed objects such as rings and wallets.

How far will you travel?

I am open to traveling anywhere in the UK and abroad, however we will need to discuss further requirements such as travel expenses and availability.

How many guests can you entertain?

This will depend on whether there will be additional entertainment planned for your event, however, I can entertain up to 150 people. I would recommend booking an additional form of entertainment for anything over this number, such as a caricaturist or a silhouettist. Please visit my recommendations page for more information on these other performers.

Do you perform at children’s parties?

Unfortunately I do not perform for children’s parties, however I will engage with children at events such as weddings to get them involved in the magic. I can recommend a few magicians that will be perfect for your child’s party, just visit my recommendations page.

Why do you wear a hat?

I wear a hat to distinguish myself from the other guests and staff at the event. It is also great for people to quickly recognise, from the reactions around me, that the gentleman in the hat is doing something interesting.