Are you looking to double the amount of leads at your next Trade Show?

By hiring Darren Campbell to work with you at your next trade show this will happen. Here are some points to consider about using Magic at your next trade show.

• Magic will attract attention
• Magic will make people more receptive.
• Magic will be memorable and unique.
• Magic will engage an audience.


Attract attention

Drawing a crowd to your stand is the best way to get more leads at a trade show. Companies quite often focus on elaborate stands and large amounts of floorspace but this doesn’t always equate to a busy stand.

By having Darren as part of your team he will use his expertise from street performance to draw crowds throughout the event.

Engaging the Audience

By engaging people it allows you to talk to them in greater detail about their business and gain vital intel on the clients.

Do you want more leads, a busy stand and a unique experience for your potential clients?

Here is a testimonial from a recent client who has benefited from having Darren working on their stand.

Memorable and Unique

Once the crowd is established it’s important to give them an experience they won’t forget. Strong, visual magic and bespoke effects can be used to integrate your company ethos and branding. Altogether, this makes these presentations more memorable and effective.

Your stand will quickly gain a reputation for being unique. Before you know it your stand will be the talk of the show.


By making people laugh and smile you break down barriers and once Darren filters them onto the stand they will be more receptive to your sales team.

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